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    Dear Sirs,

    I bought your theme SNS AIO and I have a few questions/problems:

    1: Quick view and compare doesn’ t work after an ajax filter on my demo site: shop2.arts-outdoors/dot/com
    2: sticky menue on Header Style-3 is not central in the boxed layout.
    3: How to make the sticky menue always visible (scroll up and down)?
    4: where can I deactivate the second menu button on several sites (for example on home site) (Screenshot 1)
    5: How to make the Navigation Bar on the left side. (Screenshot 2)
    6: How i get 3 products in the row instead 4?
    7: How to make that our Pictures (600×600 px) fit in the layout? (screenshot 3,4)


    thank you and best regards
    Herr Lemminger

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