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    I really like the features that this theme offers however, I have encountered a couple of problems and need solutions to them as soon as possible.

    1. My main problem is with the shop layout. It gives me a weird layout (shown in attachments) as I have blank spaces throughout the entire shop pages.
    The settings that I have for the shop page is:
    Default mode view for listing page: Grid
    Grid columns: 4
    Number products per listing page: 16

    Can also be seen here:

    2. The color of the vertical menu on the shop page does not match or correspond to the theme color that I’ve set. It remains red. How can I make it match my selected theme color?

    3. What is the custom css to remove/hide:
    a. “Showing x-x of x results” on the near top and bottom of the shop pages
    b. the “x number of products” that is located next to each product category on the shop page
    Images of what I would like to remove/hide are attached below.

    4. And where do I go to manage the “promotion products” that are on the bottom of the shop page? And is it possible to change the green badge to another color?

    Thank you!

    1. Weird-Shop-layout2.jpg

    2. Promotion-products.jpg

    3. Vertical-menu-color.jpg

    4. Custom-Css-to-remove-product-numbers.jpg

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