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    Bella Paris

    Hi, loving the theme – I just have few questions. (see images provided)

    HOME1: Location of file/s?
    ORANGE: Where can I style the navigation? It’s very blocky and bold. I just want an underline on hover.
    GREEN: how to disable/relocate?
    YELLOW: how to disable?
    RED: how to disable – is it possible to put the search icon in the navigation bar roughly where the yellow cog icon is and have the search drop-down or something?

    QUICK1: Location of file/s?
    GREEN: is it possible to change the slide speed?
    RED: I would like to add a swf/mp4 (video/animation) in this space, the same dimensions of the image box. I was wondering if this would this cause to much strain on the quick view load? (What would be the best type of file to use?)

    RELATED1: Location of file/s?
    RED & YELLOW: Recently Viewed Widget (top) is there a theme styled version of this? Like the Related Product one?. Also the RP icon seems to be out of line – how to fix?
    ORANGE: How to disable?
    GREEN: How to disable?
    BLUE: **To possibly display same animation/video as mention before.

    Lastly Testimonials… I have enabled them but cannot see where they are displayed? Are they controlled by a static block or something?

    Thank you

    1. HOME1.jpg

    2. QUICK1.png

    3. RELATED1.png

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