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    Hi Team,

    Till now you supported me more or less average.
    These two Questions could be the last and depending on this I’ll rate you:

    – I want to differentiate, to which site the “Brands” are shown, I know u don’t do it; so: in which file is the definition of showing the “Brands” so I can do it by myself?

    – [More Important point]: please have a look at the attachment:

    + If hover the mouse to the menu# 1 (Betten) and hover it over the shown products its ok!
    + If I THEN hover the mouse over menu# 2 or 3 their product contents are shown bur by trying to hover the mouse over their shown product (e.g. the Menu content of “Sofa”), the content menu jumps back to #1 (Betten) or one of the others.

    This issue appears MAINLY with the first three menus and ONLY on Chrome (Chromium: also Opera).

    I’d like the have a solution now, and not after the week end, please!
    The Last Ceditentials has been added to this post.

    Please tell me which files has been changed.

    1. Ashampoo_Snap_2016.03.04_06h21m27s_002_.png

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