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    I’m not sure if this was an original issue I missed, or happened after I recently updated to the latest version of WooCommerce, either way it was brought to my attention.

    In the cart, the button to “update cart” is disabled unless you manually type in a new quantity number, then it functions normal. Not a big deal. But, there are the plus and minus icons on either side of the quantity number, which is confusing customers as to why when they increase the quantity with the plus icon (the quantity number does visually reflect this increase), the button is disabled and will not update the cart total.

    I can type in a new quantity, and then use the plus and minus icons to adjust the quantity, and the button functions fine.

    Is there a way to either fix the issue, or simply remove the plus and minus icons?

    The plus and minus icons do function fine in the product page.

    I look forward to any suggestions and help. Thank you for your time!

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