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    Hi folks

    We are having some SERIOUS issues with our site
    1. In the back end, we can not click on screen options in page edit screens
    2. “The following required plugin is currently inactive” keeps coming back even when we do not want to use (e.g. Contact form 7

    3. BIGGEST problem
    Please see our test server
    (username: flywheel pwd: clcadmin_
    The header is correct here
    however, when you go to any other page
    http://clc.flywheelsites.com/shop/ for example
    We loose the search bar and shopping cart and the layout of the menu bar

    We have tried EVERYTHING.

    We see the issue is likely metabox related.

    Please advise!

    P.S. We are also in Vietnam, so if that is easier, we can communicate in Vietnamese

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