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    I am currently customizing the look and functionality of the hadona theme and would appreciate help with the following:

    At the top of the main menu under the setting tab that people can click on it drops down and shows language, currency settings and also the account, checkout, cart links.

    It also shows a picture of one of the themes demo pictures currently a coffee cup with spoon (attached screen shot for your reference).

    I am unable to see where in the themes options or within wordpress itself where I can change that picture over to customize for my own store. please could you point me in the correct direction so I am able to remove that picture to replace with my own custom one?

    Also I do not see any options for settings to do with the language or currency options, we are a UK based company and will only be selling to UK customers and on the settings dropdown the dollar sign is permanently selected (Or looks like it is) which may confuse the customer, could you point me in the right direction or provide information on how to modify or explain a little on how that area works?

    Screen shot attached for area in reference if needed.

    Website URL if needed:

    Many Thanks.
    Adrian wilde

    1. Screen-Shot1.png

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