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    Hi, I am currently having problems with the sticky menu on the hadona theme.

    When I have the sticky menu turned on and I scroll down the page it stays on top which is fine, but when I start to scroll back towards the top of the page near the top it starts to flicker and jump about. It also wont scroll right to the very top so its cutting off a small amount of text towards the top of the pages and wont let you scroll to the very top and just flickers.

    Please could you let me know what the issue is so this can be resolved. I have tried from multiple browsers and machines but still does the same thing.

    The URL if needed to verify the problem is: https://smarthomeukinstallation.co.uk – If you require any addional information please let me know. Screen shot also attached.

    Many Thanks

    1. Screenshot1-menu-flicker.png

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