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    I love this theme.
    However, i am having trouble understanding how it works.

    1.) banners – Uploading the banners does not do anything. I have to change the URL on the homepage tab?
    2.) New products – Creating new products does not show up on the frontend. Need help understanding.
    3.) Trending – This is the top seller? Nothing is showing up on the frontend.
    4.) Stripe Module – All of a sudden, stripe module stopped working.
    5.) Footer – This needs to be manually mapped?
    6.) Positioning – Do you have instructions on how to setup the positions? like exactly where the modules are to be positioned like all the other themes to make it easier?
    7.) Is there anything i can download with all demo data so i can pick up from it? If there is, can you send me installation instructions as well?

    Thank you for your help in advance.


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