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    Hi Stephen, my topic is: Many Problems with Trella – and I need your help for the biggest problem my Product Tab Slider going in the middle of nowhere. If I use Homepageversion 1 or 2 – the product tabs displayed on the right way. But on my used Version (3) the products are not side by side. Many thx

    The Errors of my shop:
    (1) The Default Admin Profil CSS works not correctly. At the moment all registered users us the contrast profil, which shows right. In default all buttons are not displayed.
    (2) Errors in the Menu (SNS Mega Menu)
    ⁃ If I use special characters in the Menu, which I need to display the german language (ä, ü, ö, ß) the going to be wrong charset (ISO) – I need to display the characters, and all Text inputs which I write with the editor in UTF-8 Output –> I think the wrong charset display comes from the tinymc editor
    (3) THE LEADING PROBLEM: The product tab slider on the frontpage. The products not displayed in rows, and the smart blog news also. All products displays among themselves. I think the problems came from the owl. carousel. On my side I became an error: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘d[c[c.length-1]].clone’) runowl.carousel.min.js:1:3004
    The SmartBlog Section also going wrong. Error Background: until yesterday everything worked correctly. Than I implementapluginthat called”Europäische Rechtssicherheit”(EuropeanLegal Sale) eucompliance. I Installed, I activate and than came the Horror. The Startpage going crazy – I deactivate the plugin and further I deinstalled this – but nothing happend. The Output on the Frontpage was defect. From this point, the store is very, very slow, and I saw this Error in the ErrorConsole
    (4) In the checkout process the total price shows not really the total price. At moment it shows the total price without tax (theme bug) –
    (5) The Brand slider do not slide automatically and the links that I set on the
    Backoffice don’t work. I think it’s an bug from the SNS Trella Theme
    (6) How can I updated to I made an test on my mirror server and found a new big problem with die grids on the cms pages with
    On my live server (with a lot of product at the moment) runs

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