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      Hi Support,

      I’m working with your theme on an offline development site. I’ve come up against a few problems that I’d like to raise as follows:

      1) Menu label “sales” doesn’t have a background colour, how to set one?
      2) With “language-switcher & currency-switcher” disabled “Default welcome message !” needs an extra 10px margin-top to align properly. Had to add extra code to fix.
      3) Block Navigation2 / All Categories. Where is the style / block for this? On my install it just picks up store categories and lists them. Please see attachment. Look BAD. How to make it look like demo site with expanding menu?
      4) No explanation of the “Trella Menu” tab in manage categories page. What are these settings for?
      5) Layered Navigation / Shop By is missing in frontend category pages. Was showing with old theme before switching to Trella. Is there a setting I’m missing to “turn-on” layered navigation in SNS?
      6) Problem with “Home Page style 1” with “header style 2” The slider and right column content displays below the categories menu and there is a big white space.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      1. all-categories-problem-2.jpg

      2. all-categories-problem.jpg

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