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    Hi guys,

    Could you please help me pointing out the following customization points:

    1. How can I edit and create new banners for home and product page? is there any editor?

    2. Is it possible to have a full width banner in the and below it the 2 colunm with the same shortcut for on the mobile? Where should I change? Just to explain better, I’m customizing “English” store and want to keep the behavior in the mobile home where we can acess the right colunm – for instance, on the “italy” store it is not possible.

    3. How can I remove the “Tags” from product page and from left/right colunms?

    4. How can I remove the “Compare” from left/right colunms? (I will remove the button, but need to remove the side box)

    5. How can I set the catalog page to use the left colunm instead of the right colunm?

    6. How can I remove “language” and “currency” from the top menu?

    7. Where do I find the point where the logo image is resized?

    8. What is the procedure to safely remove the stores: “French”, “Germany” and “Italy”? I mean, I want to delete the CMS blocks and pages related to them and any other custom configuration. I will use only the “English” store customized.

    9. How can I remove the “designed by” from footer?

    10. How can I set the clock on the HOT DEALS in the home? (it is not shown)

    11. How can I replace the “upsell products” on the products page by most viewed produtcs?

    12. How can I add the most viewed products in the homepage?

    Many thanks in advance for pointing me out where the things should be changed – If I start changing it only based on the feeling, I think I would have to open many tickets in the future 🙂

    Thanks a lot!!


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