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    I’ve got several problems. I’ve got two stores a demo ( to the “Quickstart” and the normal ( with theme files only.

    1 – I’m having problems setting the “SNS Products” And “SNS Products Tab’.
    When I put in “”Filter Options”>>”List Products By”>>”Order By”my magento does not show my store. White Page Error. If I put instead of “Order By” but “Catalog” products do not show . But the page loads.

    2 – Where do I edit the top menu? In SNS AIO options>>Menu, I put the categories I want, and save and reload home, and still others appear. Already I edited in magento option categories but still showing.

    And the menu is not centered or right is with a space between the icon of the home and the boxer limit. And it should be aligned with the sides of the boxer. If I use IE (9,10 or 11) the icon does not appear in the demo also happens that. It is just a red square. (I Dont use aio_social_header).

    3 – The side menu, one of the categories that have sub categories, it is expanded. Others do not.I do not want to show all subcategories.

    I hope you can help me on these issues.


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