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    We have some proplems with your nova theme for prestashop:

    If you log in through “already have an account” at checkout, there is a multicolor spinner that stays infinitely and customers cant do anything.
    The same proble appears when you change from any king of shipping option to free shipping option.
    Then it appears as well when you modify the quantity of a producto with the “+” and “-” buttons or even wheen you push the “trash” button.

    Looking into chrome inspector we’ve seen this JS error:

    “TypeError: price.toFixed is no a function” at tools.js

    We have commented this line [63] – tools.js:
    //price = parseFloat(price.toFixed(10));

    Then there is another issue with the shipping options radios, when you hover theem they move randomly…

    Were using yor theme at

    We need solutions please!

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