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    Hi guys, please consider the following menu structure:

    – item1
    – item2

    I haven’t done anything special no additional class; nothing else so far.

    After this I realised that I needed to extend the ‘item2’ menu, in order to arrange its sub-items on the horizontal (similar to table columns), so I created item26 as sub-item to ‘item2’ with class ‘row-fluid’, than tried to move ‘item21’ and ‘item22’ as sub-items to ‘item26’.

    At this moment, sub-items of item21 became sub-items to item2, item21 became sub-item to item22 and so forth…

    The idea is pretty simple. I don’t think that when I’m moving entire set of items (i.e. item with sub items) from one position to another, your script recalculated the rtg/lft values correctly.

    Can you please check?: I have tested this on our production, than on my dev environment, than, thinking that I had some interfering code, I created a new clean instance of Magento CE and tried to re-create the issue. It behaves the same. Once you move the items (especially items with sub-items) repeated times; the menu ends up breaking and furthermore you can’t even fix it.

    Can you guys help us? Also, can you please provide an estimated time to check and fix this issue? We’re about to launch and handover the project to another team and this issue is a total blocker.

    Thank you

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