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    Hi! I am using your theme on my website http://www.pratiko.online
    I have 3 problems:

    1) If i open the website from a 27 inch Mac, the slider is left aligned and can’t cover all the width of the screen (also if i use images with a bigger size). You can check using that website http://responsivedesignchecker.com selecting 27″ screen and analyzing my website http://www.pratiko.online

    2) On mobile, when i open the website, before i touch the screen (and the website is fully uploaded) i can’t see the slider. As soon as i touch the iphone to scroll up or down the slider appears. Why?? I need to see the slider immediately, also if i don’t touch the iphone.
    Check the 2 attachments, the first image is when i open the site without touching nothing, the second is immediately after touching it.

    3) i’ve seen that there’s not a contact page with a map and a contact form. Why? Is it possible to add one? Thanks a lot



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