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    I have two questions,

    1. Our logo is correctly visible on the desktop site, BUT when you open the site on a mobile device the logo is very small and centered instead of left aligned. But I would like that the logo in all the devices will be as big and aligned on the left side (as on the desktop site).
    So could you please tell me how to resize the logo for a tablet and telephone AND place it on the left site of the header. (if possible instead of the cross)

    2. My second questions is: Since 2 days the products on our shop page (and home) are moved. Before they where in a grid of 3 products next to each other. Now I see first 1 product and on the next line the two other products…….How is this possible?
    Could you please let me know how I can change this, so that the 3 product are on the same line.

    Thank you!

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