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    Hi guys, i have installed the theme files of the nova theme instead of the quick start and had real nightmare to make it work as a demo version. you advise me to follow the video tutorial for quick start but i couldn’t understand what its all about. Anyway, i did import the static blocks and the cms pages; installed the blog module and everything seems to be fine.
    You need to understand that not everyone is a magento native and the documentation for the beginner like me is way to complicated.
    What i would like to know is:
    1. please look at the : and tell me if there is still something missing; are there some other important elements within the quickstart which i will be missing because i have used the theme files not the quickstart?
    2. I need to replace the fraction slider with a magento revolution slider and desperately need some guidance on how to do this…..
    3. so far, the only thing i can see that doesn’t comply with your demo version is the missing shopping basket on the menu bar; ive tried different settings but nothing seems to work; please could you advise what to do to make the basket appear on the main navigation bar…

    Thank you


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