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    We have been very patient with this theme, but our client is not happy with it and at this time we will like to ask for a refund. These are some reasons why this theme doesn’t deliver as promised by your sales page.
    1) Response time with the support is too slow.
    2) Count down sales clock only works for Simple Product and sometime it doesn’t work properly. (unstable)
    3) Images on the Shop portion are very low resolution.
    4) After reinstalling theme 2 times with all the default values all related products are not clickable.
    5) Count down sales clock will not work with different color tshirts and sizes. Variable products.
    6) After setting up sale values on the variable products, the price of the item is not shown above the ADD TO CART button.
    There are some other things that this theme doesn’t deliver and we again would like to ask for a refund, we have been very patient with it and have tried to work around it, but the client is not happy.
    Thank you.

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