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    Hi! I have problem with translation in Poedit. When i’m loading .pot file to make new translation appears next errors:

    Thu Feb 18 13:12:40 2016: Error in the catalog file: singular form msgstr used together with msgid_plural
    Thu Feb 18 13:12:40 2016: Could not load file/Users/happyness/Downloads/themeforest-13755506-sns-kalolia-shop-wordpress-woocommerce-theme/snskalolia/languages/snskalolia.pot. Perhaps it is damaged.
    Thu Feb 18 13:12:40 2016:«/Users/happyness/Downloads/themeforest-13755506-sns-kalolia-shop-wordpress-woocommerce-theme/snskalolia/languages/snskalolia.pot» It is not a valid POT-file.
    Thu Feb 18 13:12:40 2016: Directory entries may not correct.
    Thu Feb 18 13:12:40 2016: Failed to update the directory. Click “Details >>” for more information.

    1. snskalolia.pot

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