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    Hello I have got problem with Your theme : SNS Nova – Responsive Prestashop Theme
    We have installed it and it was working – after I made small change in Yout theme module (color change) and accept it I got this error in front end :

    Notice: Use of undefined constant __DIR__ – assumed ‘__DIR__’ in /home/luxurygo/www/modules/snsnovatheme/scssphp/compass/ on line 16

    Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘Undefined mixin inline-block: failed at `@include inline-block(); ` /home/luxurygo/www/themes/sns_nova/sass/theme/_general.scss on line 232’ in /home/luxurygo/www/modules/snsnovatheme/scssphp/ Stack trace: #0 /home/luxurygo/www/modules/snsnovatheme/scssphp/ scss_parser->throwParseError(‘Undefined mixin…’, 4833) #1 /home/luxurygo/www/modules/snsnovatheme/scssphp/ scssc->throwError(‘Undefined mixin…’) #2 /home/luxurygo/www/modules/snsnovatheme/scssphp/ scssc->compileChild(Array, Object(stdClass)) #3 /home/luxurygo/www/modules/snsnovatheme/scssphp/ scssc->compileChildren(Array, Object(stdClass)) #4 /home/luxurygo/www/modules/snsnovatheme/scssphp/ scssc->compileBlock(Object(stdClass)) #5 /home/luxurygo/www/modules/snsnovatheme/scssphp/ scssc->compileChild(Array, Object(stdClass)) #6 /home/luxurygo/www/modules/snsnovatheme/scssphp/ in /home/luxurygo/www/modules/snsnovatheme/scssphp/ on line 4065

    Waiting for help.

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