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    THIS IS YOUR CODE for wp-content/themes/snsnitan/tpl-head-style2.php


    • <img src="” alt=”en”>
    • <a title="” href=”#”><img src="” alt=”ru”>
    • <a title="” href=”#”><img src="” alt=”fr”>
    • <a title="” href=”#”><img src="” alt=”fr”>

    • <span title="”>
    • <a title="” href=”#”>
    • <a title="” href=”#”>


    This code do NOTHING !! … it’s like a fake code, because websmasters must touch the code as a PHP programmer.
    Your DEMO does NOT said nothing about this, and the need to delete this code to susbstitute with a plugin like WPML.

    The courrency is the SAME FAKE problem !!

    You MUST provide a complete solution to this because many of us fells “swindled”.

    My customer is waiting for a solution I must provide … and the true is that solution would have provided by you !!!

    Do you have one?

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