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    Hello, I’m trying to add a new product block to SNS camen homepage layout in admin:
    <reference name=”after_content”>
    <block type=”camen/wrapper” name=”section.after_middle_content”>
    <action method=”setParams”><params>class=”after_middle_content”</params></action>
    <block type=”camen/wrapper” name=”sns_after_top_content”>
    <block type=”products/slider” name=”section.botsl2.2.slider” template=”sns/products/slider_tre.phtml”>
    <action method=”setConfig”>
    <title>Arthur George by Rob Kardashian Blowout Sale!</title>



    The code is updating the “Trending” and I would like to add a new block of products selected by product id. Can you please send the code that should be used?

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