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    Hello again to all at SNSTheme,

    Our site is built to service two countries, US & Canada. I’m having a hard time getting the country specific pricing to work appropriately. I’m trying to see if we can determine where a user is coming from and show the prices in their currency.

    ex: Canadian user sees pricing in CDN currency / US customer sees the pricing in USD.

    I can use another domain for the Canadian version of our site but thought that may create more work as we’ll have to use hreflang tags to differentiate the two version of the site which could be somewhat problematic if we are forced to use plugins. Creating that manually may be outside of our current programming capabilities. Do you have any suggestions as to how we can assure that Canadian users are able to view pricing in Canadian currency?

    We own the canadian version of our domain ending in (.ca) but i’d like to avoid duplicate content values of the domain and not have to create a ton of new hreflang tags to fix the issue from an SEO standpoint.

    Thanks for your recommendations

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