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    We are wanting “related products” to always appear for the user when viewing a product. To do this we are moving the related products block to the right sidebar, but the display is not good.

    We have updated the catalog layout.xml and we do see the block appearing on the right sidebar, however it appears to be trying to squeeze 4 products horizontally into the sidebar. Ideally we could have say 3 or 4 products displayed vertically in the right sidebar instead.. or possibly just one product and next/prev going right/left.

    Please see attached for display issue.

    Is this easily possible? Are we missing something? Or will it require siginificant work by ourselves?

    Note we have changed the <action method=”setColumnCount”><columns>4</columns></action> from 4 to 1, flushed cache, etc, but still shows 4 products.. however it seems this column count is not used/working, as changing it for the default one-column-page tabs-below-product layout made no difference either.

    For now we have moved “related products” to the left-most tab (before “description”) to make it default, but ideally we want both “description” and “related products” to be visible at the same time.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. RelatedProductsSidebar.png

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