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    There seems to be an issue with the install package “Theme”.

    After installing, and setting the template to sns_camen. The site layout does not work. sliders, new products, deals, categories, etc all display horizontal, one on top of the other, when they should be vertical.

    If I look at your source code on the demo:

    I see there are many more includes for .js and .csss than what is on the “theme” package.

    To test, I copied the direct links from your source code into the head.phtml and then everything worked. I obviously do not want to hotlink the content, how do I get this over to my install? I cannot do a fresh install with your sample data as this is a live site.

    Attached is a screenshot of what is included on the install with the “theme” package, and then a screenshot of what is included on your demo.


    1. installed.jpg

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