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    My Magento website is loaded onto a Litespeed web server (VPS) which has 6vCPU’s and 20Gb RAM, the mySQL database has been optimised to use query-cache but the Magento website runs very very slow…taking around 6 – 8 seconds to load the website’s home page.

    I have had my hosting company look into this and they have agreed that the site is very sluggish in loading suggesting that it could be something to do with the template or setup of Magento.

    You have visited my website a few time to deal with support issues and I am sure you will agree that the website does load very slow…is there anything I can do to make it load faster please?

    All my other websites loaded onto my server (Joomla/Wordpress) load very fast so I know it is not an issue with the sever being under powered.

    And it is not my internet connection either as I have Virgin Media 155mb download, which is the fastest in the country (UK)


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