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    Hi there,

    First off, congrats on this theme. We love the UI design! It’s beautiful and we love it.

    We think this theme has loads of potential and would like to use this thread as a vehicle to help improve it’s performance with respect to load times. As you, and perhaps some of the other forum users know, load times are crucial for both user experience/conversions and SEO considerations. We do have experience with coding Magento and are more than willing to help collaborate helping improve performance, hopefully you and others can join in as well.

    That said, we’re now going through initial set-up phases of getting things set-up; we fully understand that a myriad of factors can contribute to speed performance, so we’ll try to be as objective and methodical as possible.

    Sites used to test speed:

    Test 1: Theme on the SNS site (

    GTMetrix: 12.7 s
    Pingdom: 14.2 s

    Test 2: Our cloud server, optimized for Magento

    Note: We’ve done a 100% ‘clean’ install per the ‘QuickStart’ procedure (no extensions, etc)

    GTMetrix: 11.3 s
    Pingdom: 13.05 s


    There are a ton of CSS/JSS files
    When we try to merge JS/CSS files (Configuration > Developer), merging the CSS makes the site render incorrectly
    We have tweaked the theme so that theme JS loads from the footer ( but this doesn’t appear to have much of an impact
    Ajax Slider / Grid and seem to be lagging quite heavily

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