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    Liset Morillo

    good afternoon.

    I have the following doubts regarding the template, I hope you can please help me solve:

    1. Where are the country flags and patterns to edit them? (language and currency.png)
    2. What plugin do you recommend to convert the store into multi-language or multi-language?
    3. Where can I change the text and button in the newsletter? (newsletter.png)
    4. There is a category that does not show the name and the image, can you help me please? (category)
    5. The text in this section is moving to the left and is not aligned to the upper text, can you help me to align it? (text.png)
    6. Is there an extra process at the time of category creation? I created a so-called organic coffee, but it does not appear (organic coffee.png)

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