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    I install your theme and all is running perfectly at this moment. But, when I install smartblog module, evidence is created in the Seo URL back office. (capture 1). OK, when i visit the blog url in the design the left column with the related and more visit post no activated, and only looks the post fullwith zone.(capture 2) i go to the full configuration back office theme and i look the column left is activated for the blog page. (capture 3).

    As I ‘m still getting used to the design of your template, I do not know if I should change it from a specific configuration. I have tried to do through the positioner hooks back office but not let me. You know how I can fix it or that the error is due . ?

    Thank you.

    1. captura3.jpg

    2. captura1.jpg

    3. captura2.jpg

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