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    -Lagging issue when showing single product in mobile devices. When you scroll down the screen starts lagging. This needs to be fixed because it destroys the customer feeling when shopping.

    -Not possible for new customers to create a new account.

    -No order confirmation email is beeing sent to the customer after placed an order.
    Neither an order notification is sent to our mail when a customer placed an order.

    -The product tab section in the home page is not working correctly, in no way its working to have different categories show in each product tab.
    The same products still be showing in all 3 product tabs, and you can see that in my site and also in the “sns zaggo” demo site.

    Please keep in mind that im not an web developer, or in any way techincal in web design.
    The solutions ive got from you before have not worked so we can sure try again. I love this theme but some stuff in it is really not working well.

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