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    I have problem inserting an image to the zaggo banner content in static blocks.

    <div class=”zaggo_banner2″ style=”background: url=;”>
    <div class=”title”>
    <p class=”title-top”>2016</p>
    <p class=”border”><span>border</span></p>
    <p class=”title-content”>LATEST TREND</p>
    <p class=”submit”>Shop now</p>

    I tried to add the url here : style=”background: url=;”>

    But it did not work. How do i add an background image?

    Also another problem, i cant find where to change the brands images. I have been trying to find it in the backend and even tried to replace the images in FTP and still not working.

    Please answer me because the support here is not so helpful always, often i dont get replies and if i even get replies the answers is very advanced.

    1. whr.png

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