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    Hi there,

    I am having a problem with my site where the slider and images on the home/front page are not showing loading. The never ending image loading wheel keep spinning and the images never show up.

    Steps taken to resolve but had not worked.

    1. deactivate all plugins one by one to isolate the problem
    2. deactivate the slider and still the other images didn’t show.
    3. contacted the hosting company and they could not find any problem on their side and advised to contact the theme’s developer.
    4. Created a duplicate site on the same hosting platform as a system domain and the problem still exist.
    5. Have migrated the site on local machine using all in one migration plugin -and it seem to be perfectly working – having endless email, calls and discussions with the hosting provider has yield no fruit they seem to be useless and awful awful customer service i ever experienced in my entire life. the guys have absolutely no clue and keep banging on : contact the developer although personally i believe the problem is on their side but just going with their advise can you please look into my site and advise why is this happening and how can this be resolved?
    6. Hosting company also saying that the slider revolution need to be bought as premium or be activated for this to work – which i personally don’t agree with but your advise on this will be useful so i can go back to them with proof.

    Please see the attached screenshots – could this be looked into ASAP as the issue is happening for last 4 days now and i have spend endless hours searching the internet and tried everything i could find that was remotely possible and still no luck.

    please let me know if you need to access to admin or ftp


    Many thanks.


    As a human i’m entitled to be wrong – I will appreciate and be grateful for correcting me


    1. Duplicate-on-LocalWAMP.jpg

    2. SliderMissing.jpg

    3. images-not-loading.jpg

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