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    I am having issues with a couple of things

    first thing is – the images on the home page and other pages are not aligned they sit either below or off set with each other i have changed image sizes to ensure they the same size / ratio and still not aligned and makes it look messy see home page the collection setting images you will see https://staging7.affordablesofas.uk/home-6/

    also the next issue i am having is the navigation menu i like this layout however i would like the navigation names of menu to be visible so its clearer incase users dont know to click the menu just to simplify for our customers so have it show the menu as names i.e. home, sofa search, information ect etc

    also another issue is on the product view page when you click one of our products we use WooCommerce product addons plugin to allow our customers to be able to add extras to there order however as it is a check box style selection the tick boxes/ check boxes are also not aligned straight / in line with the product nae they off set which again looks messy we would like them to be aligned neatly

    view example here


    and final issue is again on product single view page the extra gallery images are all cut off on desktop and mobile and make it hard for customers to scroll nicely through additional gallery images and would maybe like the main product image a little larger also

    we use snap finance and the price calculator that normally shows below each product to so the weekly cost of they choose finance is also now not showing ?

    thank you and we look forward to getting the issues above resolved as the them is great and will look nice once the above is fixed

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