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    Hello SNS support,

    I just started to create new pages, but found it have huge problem. I after attached the featured picture, I didn’t find any button that I can get back to the page again. Please login my account and try to create a page to see the problem. I also see at the bottom of the page it said”Fatal Error” Please see the screen shot of the page.

    Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘RWMB_Select_Walker’ not found in /home3/estore4u/public_html/gbrstore/wp-content/themes/snssara/framework/sns-metabox.php:585 Stack trace: #0 /home3/estore4u/public_html/gbrstore/wp-content/plugins/meta-box/inc/field.php(474): RWMB_Layouttype_Field::walk(Array, Array, Array, Array) #1 /home3/estore4u/public_html/gbrstore/wp-content/plugins/meta-box/inc/fields/choice.php(35): RWMB_Field::call(‘walk’, Array, Array, Array, Array) #2 /home3/estore4u/public_html/gbrstore/wp-content/plugins/meta-box/inc/field.php(474): RWMB_Choice_Field::html(Array, Array) #3 /home3/estore4u/public_html/gbrstore/wp-content/plugins/meta-box/inc/field.php(56): RWMB_Field::call(Array, ‘html’, ”) #4 /home3/estore4u/public_html/gbrstore/wp-content/plugins/meta-box/inc/field.php(474): RWMB_Field::show(Array, true) #5 /home3/estore4u/public_html/gbrstore/wp-content/plugins/meta-box/inc/meta-box.php(178): RWMB_Field::call(‘show’, Array, true) #6 /home3/estore4u/public_html/gbrstore/wp-admin/includes/template.php(104 in /home3/estore4u/public_html/gbrstore/wp-content/themes/snssara/framework/sns-metabox.php on line 585

    1. page-creation-problem.jpg

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