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    I’m using the SNS Toronto templeate in and I paid the support for 6 month in order to been assisted in two issues.

    After few months trying to figure out a couple of problems, I give up and need your help in order to find out why the picture of some products disappear when browse through the categories. I deleted the product, created again, assign a picture and works fine for a couple of days, but “misteriously” start over to shows me up the “default” image (product without picture). I repeat the same procedure but this are costing me to lose the historical information of the sales because the product ID change everytime I add it again as new. This only occurs in the categories browsing, because the product detail remains OK. (see the first product in this exmple:

    This are the things that I try out but in the end don’t solve the issue:

    * I regenerte the thumbnail
    * Delete Cache
    * In the Performance Parameters set:
    – Never recompile template files in SMARTY
    – The Debug Mode is OFF
    – Optional Features are ON
    – Combine, Compress and Cache: Move JavaScript to the end is NO and the other options are YES
    – In ciphering use Rijndael
    – And Cache is NO

    In the other hand, the blocks “sns_viewedproduct” and “sns_productspecials” when I’m watching the product detail (in example: stop to show information. I try to search out if this is something related with dates, but I don’t find how to reactivate them.

    Thanx in advance,

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