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    I try to edit pages with Visual Composer but It shows always loading page…I can’t edit pages

    When I upload theme everything was fine but I was not able to upload Demo Contents then I checked and read something on SMS website change .php values ….I contacted with Godaddy and they told me your values already on high limit do you want us to decrease it..I said yes

    Then problem solved and i uploaded Demo Contents from SNS control Panel…But now the problem is Composer is not working always LOADING….my question is the problem is change the values back or I checked on google and other users with different themes they talk about Maybe product is not licensed you have to activate…

    I checked from my backend panel and check Visual Composer Activate license option…And it showed on the screen , enter your invite username and pass and do you want us to allow to reach your file for check Licens…I clicked ALLOW….and then received a message NO PURCHASED LICENSE FOUND….

    So, is this composer licensed? or maybe its just checking single plug in licensed or not

    How can you help me to solve this problem?



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