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    Hi team,

    Thanks for this theme. Unfortunately for some strange reason, after I’ve installed the demo content (please see the following image for confirmation:, it seems that only the ‘media’ has actually been installed. What is weird is that the entire 100% bar looks like it has loaded and has installed successfully? However I’m not able to located any of the pages and other items whatsoever (as demonstrated by this image: It looks like the ‘Wish List’ was the only page to load.

    I’ve made sure my php.ini settings meet the necessary criteria as outlined on the documentation for:
    max_execution_time 180
    memory_limit 128M
    post_max_size 32M
    upload_max_filesize 32M

    However I’m guessing this might still be the problem? Could I kindly please request your team to install this demo content for me on my behalf?

    I have attached my login information on a private post below.

    Thank you!



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