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    Ok, so the CSV Importer functionality in WordPress back end does not work. The following message appears:

    This page isn’t working 24f.co.uk redirected you too many times.
    Try clearing your cookies.

    So when I go to ‘Tools’ then ‘import’ then ‘WooCommerce products (CSV) Run Importer’ I receive the above error message.

    Ok, so what have i done about it so far:

    1) deactivated all plugins and reinstated them one by one
    2) cleared cahce and cookies
    3) premlinks – checked all of this
    4) changed theme
    5) Contacted host provider who did multiple checks. One was trying it on another wordpress site and it worked. They believe this needs to be resolved by the plugin provider, which is now why I’m back. I have attached the script between the host provider and myself.
    6) exhausted many options and now need plugin providers help.

    1. Wocommerce-issue-image2-1.png

    2. Wocommerce-issue-image-1.png

    1. Import-issue-script-and-discussion-with-host.docx

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