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    I just wanted to ask, where can I find the CSS or LESS files of the product page?
    I want to customize area like “Availability: In stock” , “Review(s) | Add Review” “Product option area” , “Add to Cart Button” , “Quantity” , bottom tabs (desp, addition etc) and want to change the width height of the product image box.

    Also how is it possible to link the color option to it’s corresponding image. For example, I have a shoe product available in two color (black and white) and I created the configurable product for it with a drop down option for user to pick any color. But the problem I’m facing is that when user pick one color it does not show the corresponding image of that color. Like if black color is picked it show how the black shoe image in the product image box. How can i fix this?

    Finally, the quick view option of my theme doesn’t show images in slides, i just show them in block view. How can i fix it? I’ve attach the screen shot for it.

    Please help. Thank you so much.

    Kind regards,

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