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    I used to have a development enviroment while I was developing my e-commerce, when all was finished, we migrate to the real enviroment but when I log in the backend I have a message saying Controller not found… I dind’t know that I had this message because of the template but when I attempt to save a change in the module Sns Nova Theme, the save button keeps spinning infinite..

    I checked the network so I could debug the error a bit more and I saw a message like this one:

    POST /061gestorbackend061/index.php?controller=AdminSNSNovaTheme&token=5e6d3f112f70e1727c6d9fd881c477cf

    Controller not found.

    I’ve checked if the controller was in the folder

    and it’s ok..

    I dont know whats making it fail.

    thanks in advance

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