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    I’m on Magento 1.9.1. and there is no apps nor any add on installed.

    Ok, I have installed Nova on my site, and pretty happy with it, but I just discovered a little problem with the checkout. When I tried the checkout, page One (checkout methods) works fine, asks you to chose between guest checkout or to register and create an account.
    In both case, if I click continue, it goes to page Two and ask for details (name, address, etc…). The problem arise when I click on the “continue” button to go to page Three (shipping information) nothing happen. It seems that clicking the button has no effect, and I’m stuck on page 2 of the checkout process.
    I tried to click on the “edit” button for page three without any luck.

    What is weird is that if I create an account and then go to the cart and try to checkout, then it seems to work perfectly fine… But if I add an item, go to the cart, click on checkout, then the problem happens…

    Talking to a Magento rep, they pointed out it might be caused by the theme, so here I come to ask for your assistance.

    Would you mind having a look into it please ?

    Many thanks,


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