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    Here there is a list of every element is not shown or working properly:

    – The button “Inicio” isnt shown properly
    – You cant see the icon of “Mis Facturas de abono”
    – The colours are orange, instead of pink.

    .es/bonos (vouchers)
    – The page is empty, you cant see anything.

    .es/contactanos (contact info)
    – The google map is not shown
    – The contact info is not shown

    The buttons “Volver a mi cuenta” and “Inicio” arent shown properly

    In the product page if you change the amount of products you want to see, then it doesnt work properly.

    Is there any posibility of using another blog module and it works properly with Trella theme? I tried to see if the one I am using right now works but the banners in the left column arent shown properly and it happens the same with the banners in the home page.

    Thank you in advance!

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