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    We bought the SNS Kalolia theme from you on 17th April. We wrote to you a few days ago but have not got any response. We are facing issues and would like to have some reply asap:

    1) On the category page, the page navigation is not happening when we click on the 2,3,4 etc. page numbers. The ajax animation keeps on moving in the center of the screen but nothing happens. How can this be fixed.

    2) How do we get the search filters on the category page on the left hand side? Right now the compare block and a banner is coming and there is no way to remove them and put the search filters

    3) How do we customize the product page look for the right hand menu? Currently there are upsell products and banners there and we want to change it.

    Please let us know asap as our entire development work is stuck.

    Thanks and Regards.

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