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      I do have I hope the last question. Correct me if this has nothing to do with template. As far as I checked the current way the template works is a bit different than expected for setting category as anchor, so that’s why I am posting this.


      The way the products are organized into main menu (2-3 levels) should be the same way the products should be filtered on layered navigation. The current setup is to “duplicate” the structure both in categories and in attributes.

      Eg: Products organized by color, Products organized by type, Products organized by manufacturer, product organized by a certain ingredient.

      Basically I should be able to have all the categories and subcategories into both main menu and as well to be able to filter the products (on browsing by category) by the same criterias, on layered navigation.

      As I said the current way to do this is by duplicating the entire structure: I have both same categories and same attributes, so the merchant should have care to set both category and attribute for the same thing…

      What would be an optimal way to do this ?

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