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    I’m trying to solve a problems with woocommerce and the integration with this theme.

    I’m selling to only one country (Brazil) and, in the cart page, when the customer try to check shipping taxes, the page shows a drop-down menu only with one country, in my case, Brazil.

    I’m trying to remove this drop-down menu. My customer don’t need to select anything because where is only one option, and it should be Brazil by default.

    In a support page of Woocommmerce they told another user that this drop-down menu isn’t showed if there is only one country. They says that the code may have been changed in the theme.

    How can I solve it?

    This is the support page: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/predefined-country-in-cart-and-checkout-page/

    I’m sending a screenshot about my case. Thank you.

    1. Carrinho_–_Café_Notredame_-_Google_Chrome-17.08.2020_01.38.43.jpg

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