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    I noticed that the filter results contain a bug. Here’s the way to reproduce this:

    1) Go to a category page, e.g. http://demo.snstheme.com/sns-kalolia/index.php/men-23/evening/shoes.html
    2) Restrict an attribute, e.g. Color Blue => 2 items are displayed => correct
    3) Afterwards, restrict the price filter range so that no more items are available for this range, e.g. 100-300 => no items are displayed => correct. BUT: Price range filter disappeared, other filters disappeared, too.
    4) Remove the color restriction => Price and other filters appear, again. => correct. BUT: There are still no items found, which is not correct.
    5) Enlarge the price range to maximun, e.g. 90-500 => “There are no products matching the selection.” => Not correct. All items should be displayed.

    Could you please check this?


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