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    Hi, since i uploaded sns camen, frontend is blank, backend ok

    i have in my apache server log :
    PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/web/DOMAIN.fr/app/code/local/Sns/Camen/Model/Observer.php on line 1

    In magento log : empty

    magento Magento ver.
    i did :
    2.2. Template Installation
    2.2.1 Cache
    2.2.2 Upload Files
    2.2.3 Re-Login
    2.2.4 Set Package

    and if i restore 2.2.4 default magento theme, always blank, i think it’s blank since 2.2.2 Upload Files

    And in admin, if i click Import cms page or Import static blocks => blank page

    So what can i do ? Thank you

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