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      We just installed SNS Sport on a Magento website. Upon installation, the front end showed an error stating:
      “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘Sns_Sport_Model_Observer’ (T_STRING) in …/app/code/local/Sns/Sport/Model/Observer.php on line 1”

      I found a support ticket about this and resaved the Observer.php file and FTP’d it.

      When I refreshed the page, I found a new error with regard to “Sns_Sport_Helper_Data.php on line 180”

      I made sure compilation was disabled but then ran the compiler. When I refreshed the site again, the page was completely blank.

      I have flushed the caches. and reindexed, etc.

      When I switch back to the previously-installed theme, the site is fine thus seeming to indicate a problem with the new theme.

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