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    I have configurable products in a shop. The options are color and size. When I go to a detail page of a product, the select drop downs are available.
    My problem is now:
    When the configurable product has simple products which all have the same color, but different size options, then on the detail page, we have these select dropdowns:

    – Please select
    – Blue

    – Please select
    – S
    – M
    – L

    Although there is only one color available, the customer has to click on ‘Blue’ to make the Size options visible. This is not user-friendly.

    How can I change this so that the option is auto-selected when there is only one option available?
    I tried to add a ‘selected’ attribute in the Color dropdown, however, then the Size dropdown is not filled. Is there a JavaScript event which I have to call?


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